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Relax and enjoy nature at its best

Eco camp "Rizvan City" is located in a small village Rizvanuša in the heart of some of the most beautiful countryside in Croatia. The camp is surrounded by stunning landscapes and located at the foot of the Velebit Mountain.

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Special offers


Looking for comfort and a roof over your head? Stay and relax in newly built eco-wooden bungalows.

Rizvan City - Bungalows


Experience the nature at its fullest in our large camp, equipped with everything for all your modern needs.

Rizvan City - Camp


Merge with nature in our spacious and lush tents to enjoy the best of both worlds.

Rizvan City - Glamping

House of grandpa Martin

Grandpa Martin's house is part of adventure and excursion center Rizvan City. The house was built with traditional materials (stone and wood), and is newly renovated. Special attention is paid to ease of use and preservation of history heritage in order to provide you a comfortable and authentic accommodation.

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Rizvan City - House of grandpa Martin

Activities all around our camp

It never gets boring in our camp. We offer a huge variety of activities on our camp site.

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House, camping and bungalows are located in a small village Rizvanuša at the foot of Mount Velebit. The family farm has been turned into an adventure and excursion center where groups can besides accommodation do a range of attractive adventure activities

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