Description of location

House, camping and bungalows are located in a small village Rizvanuša at the foot of Mount Velebit. The family farm has been turned into an adventure and excursion center where groups can besides accommodation do a range of attractive adventure activities (

If you prefer to explore the countryside, close to the city you can find a lot of interesting content and opportunities for activities:

Plitvice Lakes

They are located in a wooded valley surrounded by high mountains , with 16 large and small lakes and water that is crystal clear. Because of its uniqueness and unusual beauty, Plitvice Lakes are the only natural value in included in the World Heritage List (UNESCO ).

Grabovača cave

In the area of 1.5 km2 and discover the hidden treasures of underground karst forms that make up a quarter of the total number of protected caves in Croatia. Grabovača cave is a complex assembly of pure nature, with significant ecological, scientific, educational and aesthetic aspects.

Cerovačke cave

The largest cave complex in Croatia, and also the most famous and the most important caves in Croatia. The complex consists of three caves (Lower, Middle and Upper ) with 4 km of explored channels . For a guided tour is the first 700 m of the Lower and Upper Cave .

Drop in to the sea - Karlobag or Rovanjska

Karlobag - a small town between Velebit and the sea, is a blend of Mediterranean and the continent , and offers wonderful sea refreshment for hot summer days. Rovanjska - is a tourist destination that offers its visitors a quiet corner of untouched nature on the one hand and active and crazy parties in the long summer nights on the other.

MC Nikole Tesle

MC Nikola Tesla opened in 2006. year , the 150 anniversary of his birth. The center is located in Smiljan, near the town of Gospic. In the center you can see Tesla's birth house decorated for visitors, test station, a multimedia center and Hi- tech children's park.

Nacionalni park Paklenica

The relatively small area has an abundance of geomorphological phenomena and forms, diverse flora and fauna, attractive landscapes and intact nature . Because of its extremely high cliffs is a paradise for climbers.

Shelter for young bears in Kuterevo

Repair in Kuterevo that cares for orphaned bears , the first and so far the only such in the world ( several shelters care for the bears, but not young , but for adults ). Currently home to six bears and working to expand capacity in order to provide shelter and new guests.

Modric cave

Modric Cave is located in Rovanjska , only 29 meters above sea level and is the longest cave on the coast with a total of 829 meters. The temperature throughout the year pleasant 17 degrees and is therefore ideal for visits throughout the year no matter what the weather conditions prevailing there.

Northern Velebit National Park

The youngest national park in an area of 109km2 its geomorphological phenomena in which has so far discovered more than 150 caves , and highlights the richness of the mountain flora.

Nature Park - Biosphere Reserve

In 1978. UNESCO included Velebit in the world network of biosphere reserves , the decision of the Croatian Parliament 1981 entire Velebit was proclaimed a nature park. Rightly we call Velebit today PARK NATIONAL PARKS . Natural beauties are enriched and scientifically valuable tourist caves in Croatia - Cerovačke Cave (South Park) and The pit (North Park) and many smaller caves and pits , as well as a number of significant geomorphological and hydrological features.

Premužićeva trail

57 km long hiking trail , named after its designer Ante Premužić , famous builder of roads and trails on Velebit . Height difference between the highest and lowest point in the entire length of only 200 meters. This unique mountain road justifies the name of educational paths through a world biosphere reserve.

Terezijana - educational trail

The trail includes the 3 kilometer long section of the old Austro-Hungarian road Teresiana which is connected through the Velebit former regimental center Gospic with onions Karlobag . Terezijana offers spectacular views of the sea, islands and Velebit.

Zavratnica - protected landscape

Zavratnica is certainly one of the most beautiful bays of the Croatian coast . Looks like a miniature Norwegian fjords. It is only a 15 minute walk along the coast from Jablanca. The bay is 900 m long and the width varies from 50 to 150 m.

Memorial House of Dr. Ante Starcevic - the father of the homeland

Memorial home was renovated 1998th It is located in the Great Žitnik near canyon Like . In the said house , today the Memorial Centre , Dr Ante Starcevic was born 23rd svibnja 1823rd , a school he attended in the gorge and Smiljan , until moving to Zagreb.

Source of the river

Gacka springs ( Tonković vrilo , Mayer's source ) are definitely one of the most beautiful , and natural-scientific point of view , and the most interesting parts of the river. Therefore, they are protected as a hydrological natural monument.

A special reserve of forest vegetation Štirovača

Rainforest Štirovača the forest reserve . Its area is 118.5 hectares. Extends to an altitude of 1100 meters. Štirovača is one of the few sites with a source of drinking water and several streams that feed the surrounding wet meadows.

Shrine of Our Lady of the Beautiful

The biggest attraction is the church Beautiful Lady Krasnarska from XVIII .century. Highest value in the church is a wooden coffered ceiling painted with scenes from the life of Christ , Mary and the saints with Latin quotations from the 1740th year . Here, people ages gathers 15th August in honor of the Feast of the Assumption.


Besides the river , anglers particularly attractive area lakes Kruščica where live specimens grand capital of more than 90 pounds, over 25 pounds of carp , pike over 15 pounds, tench and chub over 3 pounds.

Bicycle paths of Gospic

We invite you on bike trails of Gospic. Ride a bicycle, you can stop wherever you like, or enjoy the ride absorbing colors, smells and sounds of nature.

Rock climbing - Celina

Sport climbing is a sport where you use your own strength, endurance and climbing techniques , or sport in which the common triggers of physical and mental abilities.


70 km - 1h „Rizvan City“ - Plitvička jezera
25km - 25min „Rizvan City“ - Pećinski park Grabovača
65km - 50 min „Rizvan City“ - Cerovačke pećine
30km – 30min
80km – 50min (A1)
„Rizvan City“ - Stop by the sea - Karlobag
- Rovanjska
9km - 10min „Rizvan City“ – MC Nikole Tesle
90km – 1h „Rizvan City“ - Nacionalni park Paklenica
73 km – 1 h (A1) „Rizvan City“ - Utočište za mlade medvjede u Kuterevu